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The iconic Kiwi trademark delivers a market origin advantage for over 1,200 businesses who create products and services that are made or grown in New Zealand.

For 30 years, businesses have been relying on the almost universal (87%) recognition of the Kiwi trademark in New Zealand and abroad. Consumers rely on the New Zealand Made labelling when making purchasing decisions.

Businesses rely on our brand and marketing capability to extend their reach and grow their audience.

"The Making it New Zealand Series help us to share our story by creating a behind the scenes digital message. This provided a fantastic window on our operation. Having your company’s story told from a 3rd person perspective adds fantastic PR value." Simon Berry, Managing Director Whitestone Cheese.

For both consumers and business we provide advice and direction on what qualifies as New Zealand made by asking:

Where does the significant manufacturing process take place?

What is the essential character of the product?

What would consumers reasonably believe?

Apply now and you'll get a reply within a few days whether your products qualify as New Zealand Made.


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Kiwi Trademark Integrity

Licensees and their products are all listed in our directory. Check the validity of a product or a business using our stylised Kiwi trademark here.

If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us and let us know.

If you are unsure what the requirements are for a product or service to be called NZ Made, look over our friendly guides to find out.

New Zealand

The world wants NZ

New Zealand made is desirable around the world, because in addition to our 'clean and green' image, NZ boasts strict standards for production and we are known for our fair trading practices. The Kiwi trademark amplifies these values and is well recognised locally and internationally as branding for NZ Made and grown products and services.


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