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ZX PanelĀ®




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
114323 ZX-211 Batten Base Receiver x 5.4m
114331 ZX-224 Cladding Cap x 5.4m
114322 ZX-210 Door/Window Jamb Batten x 5.4m
114315 ZX-204 External Corner Cover x 5.4m
114314 ZX-203 External Courner Base x 5.4m
114333 ZX-227 Flashing Head Batten x 5.4m
114334 ZX-228 Flashing Head x 5.4m
114326 ZX-214 H-Jointer x 5.4m
114320 ZX-208 Horizontal Base x 5.4m
114328 ZX-216 Horizontal Sill Base x 5.4m
114317 ZX-205 Internal Corner Base 90 Deg x 5.4m
114318 ZX-206 Internal Corner Cover x 5.4m
114324 ZX-212 J-Mould (WANZ Base Sill Cap) x 5.4m
114325 ZX-213 J-Mould Cap x 5.4m
114311 ZX-201 Lower and Top Base x 5.4m
114313 ZX-202 Lower/Top/Vertical/Horizontal Cover x 5.4m
114330 ZX-222 Mono Soffit 95 Deg Flashing x 5.4m
114310 ZX-2P2 Panel 2400x1200x2mm
114336 ZX-22 Spacer 1mm x 6mm - 100 Per Bag
114319 ZX-207 Vertical Base x 5.4m
114321 ZX-209 Vertical Batten x 5.4m
114327 ZX-215 Vertical Transition Bottom Plate x 5.4
114332 ZX-226 WANZ Bar Door/Window x 5.0
114329 ZX-221 WANZ Bar E14081 x 5.0m
114335 ZX-21 Wedge TPE Santoprene 5mm x 250m


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