Your Virtual Assistant Limited

Knowing where your own strengths lie is the foundation to success.  Start spending 90% of your time working those strengths, what we call your zone of genius, and that’s when you’ll see real change.  

As virtual assistants and online business managers, we’ve seen that transformation with clients we work with.  We know how it feels. And we can assure you that by outsourcing virtually you will … 


  • Free up your time and space to work in your zone of genius, doing what you should be doing every day …
  • Compliment your skillset with the expertise we offer, without the commitment or cost of employees …
  • Have someone to take care of the details and manage projects while partnering with you on a strategic level.

My name is Justine Parsons, and together with my team we help driven, ambitious professionals get more done without working more hours. If that's you, this means you can have more time, experience brighter days (because we like to laugh), and achieve success with purpose.



+64 21 1775137

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116127 Your VA Event Management
116130 Your VA Executive Assistance
116126 Your VA Graphic Design
116125 Your VA Online Business Manager
116133 Your VA Online Courses
116131 Your VA Online Marketing
116134 Your VA Project Management
116132 Your VA Social Media
116135 Your VA Strategic Development
116136 Your VA Systems and Procedures
116124 Your VA Virtual Assistance
116128 Your VA Website Design
116129 Your VA Xero Bookkeeping


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