Harraway Oats are building on their successful range of oats with a new snack range for entertaining guests and a new range of health products that help keep cholesterol in check.


Virbac New Zealand Ltd




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
114297 Phenax® Classic Applicator of 150 doses
114292 Neoprinil® Pour On Backpack of 5L
114296 Triple A Plus™ Backpack of 5L
114293 Flumenil® Pour On Backpack of 5L
114295 Triple A™ Backpack of 5L
114294 TopLine® Backpack of 5L
106854 PenClox™ 1200 High Potency Milking Cow Box of 21 syringes
107913 Nitroclox™ LA Box of 21 syringes
110140 Intracillin® 1000 Milking Cow Box of 21 syringes
114290 Diarrest™ Box of 30 sachets
114302 Cefaguard™ Box of 4x30mL vials
112943 Masticillin™ RTU Injection Box of 4x30mL vials
114291 Revive™ Boxes of 12 & 40 sachets
114300 Ovipen™ Flexi-pack of 100mL
114288 Intracillin® LA Flexi-pack of 100mL
114289 Vibrostrep® Flexi-pack of 100mL
114283 Metri-Clean™ Flexi-pack of 1L
114287 Intracillin® 300 Injection Flexi-pack of 200mL
114281 Tyloguard™ Flexi-pack of 200mL
114301 Bovipen™ Flexi-pack of 200mL
114286 Copperguard™ Flexi-pack of 200mL
114298 SMARTShot® B12 + Se Flexi-pack of 500mL
114299 SMARTShot® Prime Lamb Flexi-pack of 500mL
111671 Metri-Clean™ Flexi-pack of 500mL
110344 Metri-Clean™ Pail of 25 single dose syringes
106108 Metri-Clean™ Pail of 50 single dose syringes
114285 Quadrant™ DC Pouch of 40 syringes
114282 Tyloguard™ Tyloguard™ 3x75mL
114303 Tetraguard™ Vial of 100mL


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