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Brand Guidelines

A strong brand comes from maintaining a consistent brand style across all 1,200 New Zealand manufacturers and the consumer products and services you offer.

These guidelines are intended to help businesses who are licensed to apply the Kiwi trademark, maintain a consistent brand style and a coherent visual language when using their brand.

It is usually deployed in four places.

1. Your website product pages next to your New Zealand Made products.

2. Your home page footer linking through to your Custom URL that displays all your licensed products.

3. Your physical products using labelling such as stickers (10mm, 25mm, 40mm and 60mm) supplied by us. Purchase Labels

4. Your physical product packaging using the digital artwork supplied by us. Get Artwork

Modern New Zealand Made Black & White triangle

The modern black and white triangle is the primary logo to apply to your products.

Classic New Zealand Made Blue & Red triangle 

The classic blue and red triangle can also be selected if you blue and red colour palette is more effective to use on your products.

New Zealand Grown Green triangle for primary producers

The New Zealand Grown green triangle can be used to help New Zealand growers get compliant with the Country of Origin Food Labelling Act. Read NZ Herald article on 'NZ Grown' compliance.

Logo Variations

Other colour variations
Licensees may use any colour or colour combination in relation to the elements of the Kiwi trademark to meet their individual requirements.

Size & Proportions
Licensees may alter the size, but not the relative proportions, of the Kiwi trademark to meet their individual requirements.

Without the Triangle
Yes - If the Kiwi trademark is used on its own on a plain black background on packaging, it doesn’t need to be in the triangle. 

In A Rectangle Instead of a Triangle
Yes - there is artwork for a rectangle Kiwi trademark available in your dashboard.

In A Circle Instead of a Triangle
No - the Kiwi trademark cannot be used in a circle.

Without the 'New Zealand Made' words
No - the Kiwi trademark cannot be used without the 'New Zealand Made' words.

Logo Use in Social Media

On Images
Yes - the Kiwi trademark without the triangle can be used on its own as an image overlay on social media images.

On Videos
Yes - the Kiwi trademark without the triangle in white can be used as a watermark on social media videos. Watch what we do.

Kiwi Trademark Quick Start Guide for Marketers

Sometimes its easier to see what everyone else is doing. View the Kiwi Trademark Quick Start Guide for Marketers which includes six different ways of leveraging the Kiwi trademark for your business

1. Factual Product Branding (recommended)
2. Product Certification Branding (optional)
3. Embedded Product Branding (optional)
4. Watermark Branding (recommended)
5. Signage Branding (recommended)
6. Team Branding (optional)


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