Look back at 30 years of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign and contrast that to how Kiwis are making products today.


Making it New Zealand

Making It New Zealand was our video series that ran from 2018 to 2020. We went behind the scenes of local Kiwi businesses to see how products are made. Subscribe to Buy New Zealand Made on YouTube to watch this series, and our latest series, A Kiwi Original.

What Businesses Said

Hansells Masterton

"Really happy with the vid and we have already had a positive enquiry from a potential customer that watched it." Alistair Rough - Product Development Manager Hansells Masterton. Watch episode.

Seventh Wave Wetsuits

"We were stoked to have the team from Buy NZ Made come and support us and put together an amazing video of what we do. Ryan knew the right questions to ask to genuinely find out what drives us and why we love doing what we do. It was an amazing opportunity to show case what we do here." - Sarah Armstrong-Park - Owner Seventh Wave Wetsuits. Watch episode.

NZ Sock Company

"Manufacturing in New Zealand helps our family foster growth, not only in our industry but that of our community and it provides a future of job security for many people. It gives us a sense of pride to be able to offer the world a high quality technical product that’s made right here in New Zealand. Our NZ customers, such as Kathmandu, Swanndri & Skellerup really love and promote the NZ Made story, they rely on us to provide a NZ made product which is now using New Zealand sourced merino wool. Its wholesome, honest, hardworking kiwis that take pride in producing every pair of your NZ Sock Company socks." Gabrielle Simpson - NZ Sock Company. Watch episode.

WMC Trail Tools

"Felt scary as heck being in front of camera but you made me feel comfortable. 2 months sales in the following 4 days was pretty exciting to deal with." Gareth Hargreaves - Founder WMC Trail Tools. Watch episode.

Earth Sea Sky

"Our story is about a hands on commitment to innovative design, quality of materials and attention to detail workmanship. We have created a trusted brand against a flow of cheaper, higher margin imports that lasts beyond customer expectation and provides employment for New Zealanders proud of their work and achievements. Earth Sea Sky is about style, values, heritage." Jane Ellis - Earth Sea Sky. Watch episode.


"When I was told we were chosen for the Buy NZ episode I put it off to the very last date that was available. I had many sleepless nights thinking about it and spent days wondering what I was going to say. When Anna and Ryan arrived on the day I felt instantly at ease and the day flowed perfectly. I was still dreading the video coming out but when it did I was blown away with how well it all came together. Great work team!" Debbie Green - Weebits. Watch episode.

Whitestone Cheese

"The Making it New Zealand Series help us to share our story by creating a behind the scenes digital message. This provided a fantastic window on our operation. Having your company’s story told from a 3rd person perspective adds fantastic PR value." Simon Berry - Managing Director Whitestone Cheese. Watch episode.


Sutton Tools - Making It New Zealand - EPISODE 25

Sutton Tools manufacturers over 70,000 drill bits to fill the demand from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore where they lead the market.

In this episode we see for the first time how Sutton Tools invented an oil recovery machine that prevents over 200 litres of oil ending up in landfill every day and saves the company over $200,000 per annum.

This machine is now on the market and available to any manufacturer who needs to recover oil and swarf from a grinding process.

WMC Trail Tools - Making It New Zealand - EPISODE 22

Gareth Hargreaves has created the 'Swiss army knife' of mountain bike trail building that makes it possible to build more trails in less time.

Mountain biking clubs around the world are replacing generic rakes, shovels, spades and axes with a single tool that is 'bomb proof' so teams don't waste time (and motivation) when out on a trail build.

Email WMC Trail Tools Founder Gareth Hargreaves at WMCtrail@yahoo.com to get the trail tool deal for $NZD100 + $NZD27 delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

House of Baddeck - Making It New Zealand - EPISODE 17

Donna Chalmers was taught to cut by a Savile Row Tailor then worked for Christian Dior and the skills learnt touches every product that leave House of Baddeck.

In this episode we look at how Donna captures her creative moments and two of her latest product releases that eliminate plastic bags and plastic wrap from school lunches.

Donna is an absolute star and at 77 is still working hard growing her retail presence and representing the best of what New Zealand Made is all about!

NZ Sock Company - Making It New Zealand - EPISODE 14

Gabrielle Simpson and Paul Sparrow are the latest of three generations to make quality socks for New Zealanders from their production facility in Ashburton.

In this episode we get a glimpse at NuYarn, a patented yarn that is prized internationally for its technical features such as the cushioned pressure areas that promotes blood flow.

We also look at what it takes to make New Zealand socks at scale so that the factory always has stock on hand.

Earth Sea Sky - Making It New Zealand - EPISODE 11

After developing outdoor adventure gear across six New Zealand family generations, the Ellis family have decades of manufacturing expertise their customers can rely on.

Having provided the sleeping bags for Sir Edmund Hillary to Everest and being part of the team to cross the South Pole, their family history has helped craft key moments New Zealand's history.

Watch in this episode as we walk through their Christchurch operation and look at what goes into the jackets that fit out the Scott Base residents in Antarctica and why the same level of accuracy and quality is applied across all of their garment manufacturing processes.



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