Tru-Bilt Industries Ltd

Tru-BiltĀ® Industries is a New Zealand based designer, manufacturer and supplier of world-class door, dock and safety systems.

Proud to be a global leader and innovator in our field, we continually strive for improvement of trusted solutions, with the guarantee of quality workmanship and superior service.


+64 3 4882060

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116072 Tru-Dock Tru-Dock Loading Pod Systems
116068 Tru-Door Tru-Door Piggy Back Door Systems
116064 Tru-Door Tru-Fold Bi-Folding Door
116075 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Certified Barrier
116076 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Certified Safety Bollards
116081 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Column Protectors
116084 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Components
116077 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Door Frame Bollards
116080 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Downpipe Protectors
116079 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Pallet Racking Protectors
116082 Tru-Gard Tru-Gard Pallet Stop Floor Angle
116065 Tru-Door Tru-Glide Insulated Blast Freezer Door
116071 Tru-Dock Tru-Level Dock Frames
116060 Tru-Door Tru-Lift Sectional Door Hardware
116078 Tru-Rail Tru-Rail Hand Rail System
116083 Tru-Gard Tru-Rail Personnel Gates
116061 Tru-Door Tru-Roll Roller Shutter Door
116074 Tru-Dock Tru-Seal Compact Inflatable Seal
116073 Tru-Dock Tru-Seal Inflatable Dock Seal
116070 Tru-Door Tru-Slide Sliding Hangar Door
116066 Tru-Door Tru-Sprint Pacer Rapid Roll Door
116067 Tru-Door Tru-Sprint Polar Insulated Bi-Parting Door
116059 Tru-Door Tru-Strip PVC Strip Curtain
116062 Tru-Door Tru-Therm Insulated Sectional Door
116069 Tru-Door Tru-Trac Sliding Door System
116063 Tru-Door Tru-View Aluminium Sectional Door


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