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We offer the most extensive range of authentic NZ Made Sheepskin Footwear in Auckland. We have something for everyone- for babies & toddlers, kids, grown ups, and the young at heart. Our footwear only uses premium quality sheepskin direct from established New Zealand manufacturers. The same thing could be said of our Sheepskin Rugs & Home Accessories, and Sheepskin Car Seat Cover & Car Accessories.
Our product range won’t be complete without our luxurious New Zealand Made Possum-Merino Knitwear & Accessories. Possum fur is a hollow fiber and it’s one of the best natural materials in the world. It’s very light to wear and will keep you comfortably warm in the cold weather.
Possums, by the way, are a pest in New Zealand and Sheepskins are a by product of the meat industry. What otherwise would have gone to waste are made into useful, everyday wearable products that are beneficial to our general health and well being. Come visit the shop in Takapuna (34 Barrys Point Road) or in Rosedale (15C Vega Place), both located in North Shore, Auckland. Our team is friendly, helpful, and always ready to assist you.
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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
114912 The Sheepskin Factory Aroha Scuff
114911 The Sheepskin Factory Made in “NZ” Tread Wool Blended Socks


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