Look back at 30 years of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign and contrast that to how Kiwis are making products 30 years later in 2018.


Making it New Zealand

The Provenance Marketing Show | EP006

New Zealand Made receive a stunning 3D artwork that's customisable to location... Damba Chairs sends us a chair that they customise for corporates to use on the show... and I visit Kiwi Labels in Christchurch.... I also share why they time is right for businesses to re-engage with Government tenders and an insights from the GS1 Conference on what businesses should be doing with Amazon and Google to understand the benefits of standardisation .


 LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Damba Chairs: https://www.dambadirect.co.nz Kiwi Labels: https://www.kiwilabels.co.nz GS1 Conference: https://www.gs1connect.nz


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