Look back at 30 years of the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign and contrast that to how Kiwis are making products 30 years later in 2018.


Making it New Zealand

The Provenance Marketing Show | EP004

...we giveaway two beautiful souvenirs by Little Paper Hugs and look at trellis alternatives for fencing your home with...  then we wrap up with a new invention from UniLED that brings a rainbow full of colours to your bathroom!  LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Independent Lens Specialists: http://www.lens.co.nz Design Art: https://www.littlepaperhugs.com Creative Panels: http://www.nativewoodcraft.co.nz Backlit LED Bathrooms: http://www.nativewoodcraft.co.nz Podcast: http://www.provenance.marketing  Timesheet Software: www.timehub.co.nz Vehicle Marketing Article: www.bit.ly/vehiclemarketing


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