Swiftform Products Ltd

SwiftDry Clotheslines NZ began in 2011, after realising the need for quality clothesline products to stand the test of time in our coastal towns and cities.

Air-drying clothes is not only part of our Kiwi heritage, it makes a positive contribution to our environment, and to household budgets, and SwiftDry Clotheslines NZ has taken these ideals to heart. More than that, understand the day-to-day satisfaction of bringing in clothes that smell great and feel soft – in a way that only natural drying methods can produce.

Our robust goods are designed to last for generations. With various sizes, colours, and styles, we offer an opportunity for you to choose and customise your line or rack to suit your architecture or landscape.


+64 21 754986

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116173 SwiftDry Coast Line T Bar Clothesline
116175 LIfestyle Colonial Clothes Airer
116178 SwiftDry Dandy Line T Bar Clothesline
116174 SwiftDry Stream Line Wall Mount Clothesline
116179 Tasman Tasman Rotary Clothesline


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