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Bata Industrials

"The NZ Made logo is a strong selling point for us, some of our sales come purely from having this logo displayed on our products"

Tony Harmer



"When we started WashBar we had a strong focus on Made in NZ. Joining Buy NZ Made and being able to use the iconic Made in NZ graphic on all our packaging was one of the first things we did. It’s such a powerful message to put on our packaging. The first retailer that we showed the product to saw the Made in NZ logo and ordered on the spot. The cost of joining paid off on that first day. It’s more than just being able to use the logo. The first steps we took into the Taiwan market were helped by the team at Buy NZ Made. And it’s a market that recognises the significance of the Made in NZ graphic. “It’s cheaper to join that it is to create your own Made in NZ graphic”




"Being New Zealand Made is something that is extremely important to us – NZ made equals quality and it also means that our garments are ethically produced. In our industry this is something that really sets us apart from our competition. When it comes to babies, safety and quality are extremely important and we are proud that we are ethically manufacturing in New Zealand to the highest quality and safety standards.” Kim Snel - Snugbags




"To us, Buy NZ Made membership is a real asset, since it enables us to promote 'made in New Zealand' as a brand and not just a statement. Our recent participation in a Buy NZ Made social media campaign has led to a noticeable increase in both domestic sales and website visitors. We are proud to be a 'made in New Zealand' business and appreciate the ongoing support from the team at Buy NZ Made"


New Zealand Steel

"The New Zealand Made logo acts as a trustmark to reinforce the COLORSTEEL® difference – a difference which has seen COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel become the number one choice of roof for New Zealanders.”


New Zealand Steel

Bee Kind

Bee Kind Ltd

"Joining BuyNZ Made has been a fantastic success for my NZ made and owned business. NZ Consumers are now very conscious of buying New Made quality products. Having the privilege to use the iconic and very recognised Buy NZ made logo and branding via my e-commerce websites and products, has been highly advantageous. It has also provided me with strong company exposure through social media via Facebook, newsletters, promotions and Buy NZ Made’s extensive networking. The marketing team has also been amazingly supportive, efficient and passionate about endorsing NZ Made companies. Joining BuyNZ Made is the best marketing decision by far I have made for advancing my NZ owned and operated business. I can’t recommend highly enough! “ Rachael Chester – Owner and Director of Bee Kind(™) LTD.



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