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We are an online store selling gift sets. The reason gift "sets" not gift hampers is that the gifts are presented in a biodegradable box with wool wood. Doesn't sound upmarket but we decided that how many hampers, baskets and crates do you need! They sit around in your cupboards. These boxes are then wrapped in beautiful kiwiana paper (made here) so the gift will look beautiful but you won't have the unnecessary packaging laying around.

During Covid-19 it made us realise that we as New Zealanders have many talented people but I haven't found one gift company that ONLY sells NZ Made. There are a lot of NZ designed but loving made in China. Buying NZ Made not only helps local New Zealanders but we will be helping rebuild the economy. The gifts will be aimed at the overseas markets also as there are many people who have fallen in love with NZ during Covid and may appreciate really good quality products.

There will be gifts for all occasions. Currently have a facebook page Stella & Clare 100% NZ Gifts.



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