Mees Bees Limited

At Southern Alps Honey we produce pure, award winning honey in what we believe is one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand, we have strategically placed our hives amongst the native Beech forest and on vast high country properties, away from intensive farming and harmful agrichemical sprays. The bees have an abundance of pollen and nectar, along with the purest water from alpine streams to feed from. 

We also produce a range of natural skincare products that contain the beeswax that our bees produce. 



+64 21 2585400

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119558 Southern Alps Honey Alpine Clover Honey
119557 Southern Alps Honey Beech Honeydew
119563 New Zealand Honey Bee Magnesium Balm
119560 Southern Alps Honey Manuka, Dew & Native Floral Sources
119559 Southern Alps Honey Multifloral Honey
119562 New Zealand Honey Bee Night Cream
119561 New Zealand Honey Bee Nourishing Skin Balm


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