South Pacific Educational Courses Ltd

A New Zealand based, new innovative reading programme, designed to help students gain confidence with their reading and achieve success.  This is unique in that it provides a sequential story line, that builds on progressive word learning that is highly structured. It is suitable for a wide age group, and specifically targeted for those who have had unsuccessful attempts at learning to read.

Essential resources are provided for the 12 books in this series.  Visit the website to view the story book and additional resources.



+64 06 8777410

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118726 SPEC Foundation 1
118724 SPEC Foundation Interest
118725 SPEC Foundation Resources
118717 SPEC Headway Community
118719 SPEC Headway Environment
118715 SPEC Headway Leisure
118714 SPEC Headway Lifeskills
118718 SPEC Headway Transition
118716 SPEC Headway Vocational
118723 SPEC Kiwi Interest
118722 SPEC Kiwi Quest
118727 SPEC Reading
118720 SPEC Skills for Living Resources
118728 SPEC Skills for Living Resources
118729 SPEC Skills for Living Resources
118721 SPEC T.R.U.M.P. programme


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