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Using social media to promote your brand and business is becoming an essential part of any marketing plan. The Buy NZ Made Campaign operates across several social media channels; our longest running and most successful channel to date is our Facebook page.

Our other social media channels are slowly building are all about promoting New Zealand Made, our licensees – your products and your stories, in a format that fits with each individual channel.


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Like or follow us on the channels you are currently using for your business, and we’ll like or follow you in return. If we have not done this within 24 hours, just let us know.

Once we are following you, we should be able to see your posts and what you are up to. When we see something our followers might like, we’ll share it across the appropriate channels.

We’d also love you to send us content to share. Just email it through to us, and we’ll schedule it in for you to the channels are relevant for your business.

Some ideas and what may be required are below:


  • A product to give away (you can either send this to us, or we provide you with the winner’s details afterwards for you to send out)
  • Photo and product description for the post
  • Idea on how you’d like people to enter the competition, and how you’d like a winner picked (for random draws, we use Woobox to randomly select a person/s)
  • Link to more info, if applicable

Standard Posts

  • This may be a new product, a special, something exciting about your company or your people
  • Photo or link to photo on a website that we can download
  • Some detail about the subject, or link to where we can find this


  • Link to article
  • Short description of article, otherwise we can write something to accompany the article


  • Video that we can upload to our channels or link from YouTube
  • A summary of the video

This is all free unless you wish to boost/sponsor your content. We are also happy to put something together for you or add the Kiwi Trademark to the image.


If you’d like your post on a particular channel to go a little further, we’re happy to boost/sponsor the content and invoice you for the corresponding cost. 

This can be an effective way to get your post noticed by a far wider audience - $20.00 can go a long way. You can read more about Facebook boosts here.


We are happy to provide any available statistics on how well your organic and/or paid posts have gone. These vary for organic/paid posts, and for each channel. These can be provided after one week’s activity, at the end of the boost/sponsor or at the end of your competition.

For Facebook, all posts can be provided with statistics presented as shown below:

Boosted posts also receive the following for their paid engagement and a spreadsheet format containing the reach, cost per engagement and other detailed information.

Please feel free to send content through to us at any time and we’ll go from there.


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