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Skin Shield Products Ltd




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
110485 Active Duty Active Duty Camouflage Face Paint W/Insect Repellent - 4 Colour Compact
107248 Active Duty Active Duty Insect Repellent Stick
110101 Active Duty Active Duty Insect Repellent W/Sunscreen Pump Spray SPF23+
107988 Active Duty Active Duty Lip Balm SPF23+
113031 Active Duty Active Duty Permethrin Clothing Treatment Kit
105504 Active Duty Active Duty Soft Tissue Massage/ Warm Up Cream
111333 Active Duty Active Duty SunScreen Lotion SPF30+
110025 ProPhysio anti inflammatory cream
106340 Active Duty insect repellent
112364 Repel insect repellent
108285 Nature's First Aid Nature's First Aid Skin Lotion
111339 PROPhysio PROphysio Muscle Rub Cream 100g and 500g
111842 Repel Repel Insect Repellent Pump Spray W/Sunscreen SPF23+
109951 Repel Repel Junior Roll On
111662 Repel Repel Natural Baby Spray
109775 Repel Repel Natural Roll On
110241 Repel Repel New Era Pump Spray
106915 Repel Repel New Era Roll On
112789 Repel Repel OLE
106835 Repel Repel Permethrin Clothing Treatment Kit
105882 Repel Repel Super Aerosol
112002 Repel Repel Tropical Pump Spray
112787 Repel Repel Tropical Roll On
110873 Repel Repel Tropical Stick 30g
111528 Repel Repel Tropical Stick 75g
106281 Repel Repel Ultra Pump Spray
108638 Repel Repel Xtreme


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