Skellerns Metal Castings Limited

Our cast iron, bronze and other metal alloy products are manufactured to suit any budget. Selecting the metal casting process that is the most cost effective to meet your requirements to the highest quality standards.

Skellerns has the flexibility to manufacture bespoke and precision castings by utilising a variety of hard sand and green sand metal casting processes, as well as our lost wax process making Skellerns one of New Zealand's leading Investment Castings foundries.

Whether it be a product in cast iron, bronze, aluminium or any other metal alloy, our foundry’s metal casting teams will work above and beyond to ensure the end result is of the highest quality and to your full satisfaction.

From metal components, bronze sculptures and plaques or streetware products, our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the foundry and metal casting industry and can readily assist you in achieving your metal casting outcomes.


+64 09 8289668

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