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Down under at Seventhwave Wetsuits you will find a bunch of crazy passionate surfers that live and breath getting out in the water. 100% New Zealand owned and operated since 1987.

Our mission is to ensure that when you get to go out and do what you love, that you can stay out until your so hungry you seriously have to come in to eat! And like most people, we really hate being cold and we really hate stuff that doesn’t last, so we base our wetsuit development on warmth, fit, comfort and durability....and we back it with our lifetime stitching warranty. We only use Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene, we have tested so many other neoprene's and nothing comes close to the warmth, lightness, and durability of the Yamamoto Limestone neoprene.

Testing our wetsuits is serious business, they are tested by the hardest wearers (aka next level surf addicts) in the icy cold waters of the South Island to meet our own high expectations but ultimately yours, we want to paddle out the back with you with our Kiwi pride in tact and see you out for hours while everyone else is paddling in cold.

Handmade by our small team of specialists who collectively have been making wetsuits for over 100 years, we take making amazing wetsuits personally. Custom fitted to your unique measurements, custom colours to your unique style, your wetsuit is literally made just for you! See you out there.


Seventhwave Wetsuits are made from limestone which keeps surfers warmer for longer, enabling them to catch more waves on less crowded breaks...all while being better for the environment. In this episode, the Seventh Wave Wetsuits team led by Managing Director Sarah Armstrong-Park introduces us to the key processes involved in making a wetsuit. If you're in Christchurch, go into to their massive new premises at 1063 Ferry Road, Woolston for a custom wetsuit fitting.




+64 03 384 7878

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
108564 Seventhwave Hot Tops 0.5mm Titanium
114561 Seventhwave Kids Wetsuits
105593 Seventhwave Long John
110910 Seventhwave MAX Custom Made Summer Wetsuit
107076 Seventhwave MAX Custom Made Winter Wetsuit
110777 Seventhwave Neoprene Shorts
105851 Seventhwave Retro Jacket
105352 Seventhwave Retro John
108480 Seventhwave Short John
105719 Seventhwave Titanium Pants
111825 Seventhwave Viper Summer Wetsuit
112485 Seventhwave Viper Winter Wetsuit
108469 Seventhwave Water Short
107708 Seventhwave Wetsuit Jackets
114340 Seventhwave Winter Enduro Wetsuit


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