Harraway Oats are building on their successful range of oats with a new snack range for entertaining guests and a new range of health products that help keep cholesterol in check.






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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
110166 Snugbags Bamboo and Organic Cotton Eczema Sleeping Bag
108696 Snugbags High Country Deluxe Merino Sleeping Bag
113256 Snugbags Merino Cot Blankets
112051 Snugbags Merino King Single Blanket
105861 Snugbags Merino Pyjamas
109572 Snugbags Original SnugPod
110243 Snugbags Snuggle Arms
108691 Snugbags Standard Merino Sleeping Bag
111496 Snugbags Summer Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag
110052 Snugbags Transition SnugPod
111907 Snugbags Winter Duvet Deluxe Merino Sleeping bag
106689 Snugbags Winter Duvet Merino Sleeping Bag
109640 Snugbags Winter SnugPod


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