Harraway Oats are building on their successful range of oats with a new snack range for entertaining guests and a new range of health products that help keep cholesterol in check.


Rozcraft Ltd




+64 07 348 6852

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
113933 Rozcraft Bungy Jumping Sheep Toy
113943 Rozcraft Childs Sleep Bag
113924 Rozcraft Christmas Kiwi
113923 Rozcraft Christmas Sheep
113928 Rozcraft Kiwi on Bow Christmas Decoration
113937 Rozcraft Knitting Sheep Toy
114542 Rozcraft Ltd Korowai (Maori Cloak)
113939 Rozcraft Life-size Sheep Ewe
113940 Rozcraft Life-size Sheep Ram
113936 Rozcraft Loopy Wool Lamb
113935 Rozcraft Loopy Wool Sheep
113945 Rozcraft Merino babies slippers with sheep
113925 Rozcraft Nesting Christmas
113929 Rozcraft Possum Christmas Kiwi
114543 Rozcraft Ltd Possum Innersoles
113941 Rozcraft Puppet Sheep with sheepskin front
113942 Rozcraft Puppet Sheep with sheepskin Top
113947 Rozcraft Sheep Bookpet
113944 Rozcraft Sheep Heat Bag
113946 Rozcraft Sheep Magnet with BAAAA
113932 Rozcraft Sheep Pen
113926 Rozcraft Sparkling Kiwi Christmas Decoration
113927 Rozcraft Sparkly Kiwi Magnet
113934 Rozcraft Wool Innersoles
113930 Rozcraft Wool Pompom Sheep
113931 Rozcraft Wool Romney Toy
113938 Rozcraft Wool Spun Pin


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