Steve Nathan – Founder of tech startup Timehub shares how he’s helping Kiwi businesses save money through better timesheet management and track visitors in a Covid world with MyVisitorLog.


Apply for a Licence

Your Market Origin Advantage

Labelling what you make as New Zealand Made using the iconic Kiwi trademark introduces what you do in a way that says ‘people like us make, code and craft things like this.'




New Businesses

Seventh Wave

For new businesses the Kiwi trademark gives you an advantage of being associated with a brand that’s instantly recognised in your key markets at home and abroad.

NZ Coded Software



For NZ Coded software, the Kiwi trademark helps businesses trust your software will adhere to privacy rules and regulatory requirements, while appeal to software subscribers who want to grow New Zealand’s technology capability where New Zealand Made market origin means more trusted, better quality or higher purity.




For manufacturers, the New Zealand Made label is the finishing touch a proud worker adds to what she has made before the product leaves the factory.


Wee Bits Wool


For makers who call their garage or spare bedroom an office, New Zealand Made gives you the opportunity to feel part of those who are making a difference, by making it in New Zealand.



Taurus Leather


For exporters, the Kiwi trademark helps consumers make purchasing decisions where New Zealand Made market origin means more trusted, better quality or higher purity.




Your Certificate of Licence

Your Certificate of Licence serves as recognition that your business has been granted permission to label your licensed products with the iconic Kiwi trademark.

Wee Bits Wool

We want your customers, your suppliers and your team to be confident in your manufacturing provenance when they are dealing with you, so we ask you display the printed Certificate of Licence at your place of work.

Security Features

Each Certificate has a number of features to increase the security of the document. Each Certificate:

Bullet is hand-signed by the Executive Director of The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign. 
Bullet includes a New Zealand Made hologram label in the shape of the Kiwi trademark.
Bullet includes a Custom URL chosen by your business that is linked to your licensed products ie:
Bullet includes a six digit NZ Made licence code that is unique to your business.


Unlock Marketing Services

For many businesses, being able to use the Kiwi trademark legally is enough, and that’s OK. The licence fee is worth it for the artwork alone. For many more, we know you want help to go further and faster with your goals.


Becoming a New Zealand Made licence holder unlocks marketing services that helps you achieve just that. You can launch your business, build your brand or launch a new product relying on our teams marketing expertise to deliver powerful branded content partnerships that are irresistible to watch.


Brand Your Newsfeed

Use the Kiwi trademark artwork on your social media posts alongside the #nzmade hashtag.

Let your audience know that you are selling a licensed product.


Brand Your Products

Sticker labels are also available in the popular 25mm Kiwi trademark size as well as 10mm, 40mm and 60mm sizes depending on your needs.
*Stickers are available for purchase on your dashboard.

Tarata Puzzles

Brand Your Packaging

Download the Kiwi trademark in high resolution to integrate into your next packaging run.

Branded Content Partnerships

You will have priority access to be featured in the ‘A Kiwi Original’ podcast and video series, where we share uniquely Kiwi stories from people contributing to New Zealand's future

A Kiwi Original

Kate Slavin & Felicity Morgan-Rhind | Ironclad Pan 039

New Zealand Made.

Grant Johnson | Rocketspark 042

New Zealand Made.

Get more eCommerce Customers

ShopKiwi Listing

Kiwis want to support Kiwis so make sure you claim your FREE ShopKiwi listing.  

ShopKiwi helps shoppers buy New Zealand Made products like yours by automatically adding the iconic Kiwi trademark to your listing once approve as an Official New Zealand Made Licence Holder.

Your ShopKiwi listing links directly to your hottest selling eCommerce product to help you turn inventory into cash.


Your Business Super Connector

With over 1,300 New Zealand Made businesses in our group, built up over 30 years, we can fast track introduction to the people that matter to you and spark ideas that help your business go better.




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