Pure New Zealand Buckwheat Limited

Pure New Zealand Buckwheat has been borne of the passion and vision of three likeminded farming families based on the fertile plains of south Canterbury, NZ.

Discussion over time led us to realise that for the continued future proofing of our farms for our children and future generations some change in the way we were working was required.

Enter the heart shaped groats that are buckwheat. From being a pest deterrent when companion planted alongside other crops, to a delicious and nutrient rich seed that is gluten free and can be used in everyday cooking. In fact - the whole product can be utilised, including the honey that has been made by the bees pollinating the crop - you cannot get much more sustainable and user friendly than that!

Pure New Zealand Buckwheat is sown, grown, harvested and processed right here in the heart of South Canterbury.

Thanks for joining our journey to produce our beautiful healthy versatile buckwheat... Enjoy.



Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115826 Pure New Zealand Buckwheat Pure new Zealand Buckwheat Groats
115827 pure New Zealand Buckwheat Pure New zealand Buckwheat Honey


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