Pouch Products Limited

New Zealand made eco-friendly reusable bags. For a greener way, every day.

Created by our family for yours, Pouch Products have been designed to help win the war against waste, making it easier for more people to live a life with less environmental impact.

Stylish, sustainably made products, crafted by hand here in New Zealand, that are a more practical and purposeful choice for your home, for your family, and for the planet.



Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
112434 Pouch Products Calico Food Pouch
111301 Pouch Products Carry Pouch
120134 Pouch Products Cotton Linen Cloth
112030 Pouch Products Grocery Pouch
109957 Pouch Products Lingerie Pouch
109978 Pouch Products Peg Pouch
111840 Pouch Products Play Pouch
109678 Pouch Products Produce Pouch
109976 Pouch Products Stash Pouch
109780 Pouch Products Swim Pouch


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