Felton is a household name having installed over 1.6 million shower heads alone since Kiwis swapped out the baths for showers en masse in the 70s. 



27 Jul 2021
More fresh fruit, less sugar
23 Jul 2021
Calm Pipe aiding transition to Smokefree NZ
23 Jul 2021
Envirowool making a difference
12 Apr 2021
Sipper: Delicious sparkling iced tea
Sipper is an exciting new Kiwi beverage brand, home to sparkling iced tea. The iced tea is made with lightly brewed organic tea, a dash of organic...
29 Mar 2021
The Damson Collection: World's Best Fruit Liqueur
Located in the Heretaunga Plains in Hawke’s Bay is a family-owned Damson plum orchard creating a collection of specialty food products.
19 Mar 2021
Eva Rose NZ: Born to make you feel good
Eva Rose NZ is a new Kiwi fashion brand, creating beautiful linen garments for women with quality natural fabrics. The designs are versatile; there...
12 Mar 2021
Sovrano Limoncello: The Vest of NZ
Spanning five generations, Andrea and Marzia Loggia are part of a rich history in liqueur making. The couple based in Kerikeri, emigrated to New...
04 Mar 2021
True Fleece: The magic of merino
True Fleece are true fans of New Zealand merino wool. Taking the finest merino wool grown in New Zealand, they create sustainable merino clothing for...
02 Mar 2021
Be Natural Soap: As natural as can be
Based in Inglewood, Taranaki is mother-daughter duo, Susan and Sarah Lucas, passionate about making soap. Their soap, Be Natural Soap, is handmade,...
25 Feb 2021
Divinas: Good, honest, local empanadas
Delicious, handcrafted, ready-to-bake empanadas are being delivered to homes around Wellington, thanks to a new small family business. Divinas, run by...
23 Feb 2021
Svord Knives: Carving a niche
Bryan Baker, Master Cutler, turned his hobby into a business in the 1980s out of necessity, and has continued to forge a global reputation for making...
18 Feb 2021
Skyebird Foods: Making low-carb & keto easy
Skyebird Foods are passionate about making healthy eating easier. They’re a family-owned business, creating low-carb, keto-friendly, high-protein and...
12 Feb 2021
Matai Gallery: Beautiful 3D topographical map art
Beloved geographical spots are being transformed into beautiful 3D topographical map art at a Wairarapa artisan workshop. Matai Gallery combines...
03 Feb 2021
Aotearoad: Tackling plastic & chemicals in the beauty industry
Monica Rudd and Vanessa Farrington are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals used in the beauty industry. Together they founded,...
01 Feb 2021
House of Fungi: Growing gourmet mushrooms at home
Growing tasty, gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen or classroom is easy, thanks to House of Fungi. House of Fungi is a small, urban, locally-owned...
28 Jan 2021
CRONZ: Bespoke custom-made rugs and carpet
Christchurch is home to CRONZ (Carpets and Rugs of New Zealand), makers of beautiful bespoke rugs & carpet, designed and manufactured in New Zealand...
27 Jan 2021
Ecology & Co: Changing what it means to be social
Ecology & Co are a social enterprise and artisan producers of distilled alcohol-free spirits, on a journey to change what it means to be social.
23 Dec 2020
Skinny Fizz: Skinny on your health & the environment
The clue is in the name for Skinny Fizz - flavoured sparkling water with real New Zealand fruit extract. No added sugar, no artificial flavours,...
22 Dec 2020
Calm Pipe®: Healthy Pipes - all aroma, no smoke
Vape-free, smoke-free and nicotine-free, Calm Pipe® is a highly-engineered product, designed to support healthier habits and encourage better...
22 Dec 2020
Bootleg Jerky: 100% delicious beef jerky
Bootleg Jerky founder Ash Razmi had an idea to create his own dried meat product from New Zealand beef after an American road trip. That idea grew and...

Palliser Ridge: Diversifying the Kiwi farm

21 Dec 2020

90 minutes from Wellington is Palliser Ridge, a sheep and beef farm located in Pirinoa, South Wairarapa. The day to day running of the 1300ha Station is taken care of by Lisa and Kurt Portas, and their team.

Expansion Manager & Director Lisa Portas decided to exchange city life for farm life, but has used her retail skills to help further diversify the business.

“We were brought into the fold at Palliser Ridge with Jim and Marilyn with an equity partnership around seven years ago. And then part of that was to have a look at diversifying the business, we've got this amazing asset here, and we were looking at ways to incorporate some of the skills that we had around the table, which was where I got to come on, which was quite exciting,” Lisa explained.

“We looked at doing, you know, could we do some tourism, could we do something with our own wool and meat and honey and all those kinds of things. So day to day now is catching all the ideas that occurred and the rest of the guys trusted me in deciding which ones to run with.”

Learnings from retail

Not wanting to see their product get off a truck and not know where it’s going, they developed a plan to see how they can see it back in the form of quality retail products. Lisa credits her retail background for a lot of her thinking.

“One of the biggest learnings that I took from being on the other side of things was what I wanted from brands and what I wanted from the people who represented those brands, and kind of looking for products that really fit what consumers were asking for, because the market can be a pretty busy, flooded place sometimes,” Lisa said.

“All of that kind of thing led us back to New Zealand's a pretty proud place. We're all proud of what we do, what we manufacture, and how good to take something that is so connected to so many of us. Everyone's got an uncle on a farm, or memories of being a young kid and visiting someone's farm and just bringing that nostalgia back, but also to support our own economy and our own jobs and our own manufacturing,” Lisa said.


Partnering with locals

Palliser Ridge sells yarn, spun by Woolyarns in Lower Hutt, and runs community knitting events. Partnering with local manufacturers also allowed for larger scale production, transforming yarn into garments.

“We've got a lot of that bespoke kind of yarn and people can go off and make their own bits and pieces. And then we've also been able to partner up with some kind of like minded businesses, like we've got The New Zealand natural Clothing up in Norswood, and Interweave up in Auckland who do you kind of help us fill that gap,” Lisa said.

Tourism was another product added to the basket of offerings, allowing guests to experience the stunning views of the South Island from the southern point of the North Island. A magical place, where people can switch off literally and metaphorically.

“We are probably guilty of taking them for granted when we drive home, oh there's the Kaikoura. That's nice, but it is amazing,” Lisa said.

“I think that was a really common theme for us, there's so many cool things about what we're doing out here every day, we have to share those with people.”

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