Harraway Oats are building on their successful range of oats with a new snack range for entertaining guests and a new range of health products that help keep cholesterol in check.


New Zeal Cosmetics Limited




+64 09 838 3830

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
110627 New Zeal 100g Collagen cream
111801 JYP 100g Lanolin Moisturizing Cream
113120 JYP 100g Manukau Honey Cream
106015 JYP 100g Marine Collagen Cream
110115 JYP 100g Placenta Anti-wrinkle Day Crean
108643 New Zeal 100g Placenta cream
109911 JYP 100g Placenta Night Cream
105164 JYP 100g Snail Cream
106955 JYP 120g JYP Mineral Rich Thermal Facial Mask
106404 JYP 15g Placenta Eye Firming Cream
110461 New Zeal 200g Mud Heat Cream
110949 JYP 220g Mineral Rich Rotorua Mud Mask
106215 JYP 30ml High Concentration Placenta Serum
108903 JYP 30ml Porpolis Serum
109726 JYP 30ml Rosehip Oil
105353 JYP 5*5ml Bee Venom Serum
109276 JYP 50g Bee Venom Cream
111758 JYP 50g Bee Venom Mask
111276 New Zeal 50ml Bio-Lanolin cream
108158 New Zeal 50ml Bio-Placenta cream
109093 JYP 50ml Propolis Cream
107451 New Zeal 50ml Propolis Cream
107001 JYP 50ml Propolis Mask
108961 JYP 50ml Rosehip Cream
106971 New Zeal 50ml Rosehip Moisturising Cream
107807 New Zeal 50ml VE Cream
111191 JYP 60ml Placenta & Collagen Golden Essence


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