NZ Coded Software Services

NZ Coded software services are eligible to become Official NZ Made licence holders. The accreditation enables the use of 'NZ Made' collateral on software service websites to denote that the business codes software in New Zealand. This includes the use of the:

1. 'NZ Made' website widget on your website including a unique six digit licence number that links back to our site for service verification.

2. 'NZ Made' logo for customer acquisition activities ie: digital marketing campaigns. 

3. 'NZ Made' logo for software solution proposals into the New Zealand government.  

We are currently developing additional auditing services for use by New Zealand software service companies who are seeking investor funding from early stage through to Series B. The auditing services will include auditing aspects of the code base including location, people and security.  

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an Official NZ Made licence holder, please enter your email to receive a summary white paper on the benefits of labelling your code as NZ Made.



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