Mason Ridge Cedar

Mason Ridge Cedar has been manufacturing in New Zealand for more than 10 years. Every Mason Ridge Cedar Hot Tub is individually made in our rural Hawke’s Bay workshop, beginning with raw materials wherever possible. When we have to outsource work for specific items we always try to use other local businesses that also manufacture right here, in New Zealand.

By manufacturing in New Zealand we are able to control every step of the process and ensure that the quality of our Cedar Hot Tubs is second to none. Producing what we believe is the best Cedar Hot Tub available in New Zealand.



+64 6 8749749

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117445 Mason Ridge Cedar Outdoor Bath
117444 Mason Ridge Classic 1300 Cedar Hot Tub
117443 Mason Ridge Classic 1500 Cedar Hot Tub
117442 Mason Ridge Classic 1600 Cedar Hot Tub
117441 Mason Ridge Classic 1800 Cedar Hot Tub


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