Mamaku is a family business situated on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula near Thames in the historic Kauaeranga Valley.

Our aim at Mamaku is to provide a range of personal care products which naturally harness the pure power of plants. And reflect our belief that nature really does know best.

All our products are Handmade here in New Zealand at our Farm.

Many of our ingredients are grown, harvested and processed locally, all are carefully selected Natural and Organic. These are then crafted into our product range in small batches. we also do not use any harmful chemicals such as Parabens & petrochemicals.

Examine our ingredients they are pure and safe. They fully conform to the New Zealand Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations.




+64 07 869 0262

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
109290 Mamaku Bath Bombs
104943 Mamaku Beer Caddys
107703 Mamaku Body Oil
111765 Mamaku Book Mark
108450 Mamaku Essential Oil - Lavender
104757 Mamaku Essential Oil - Manuka
110897 Mamaku Facial Oil Serum
110404 Mamaku Facial Wash
107167 Mamaku Feet Treat Foot Cream
108152 Mamaku Hand & Body Lotion
108123 Mamaku Handy Balm
110251 Mamaku Harvest Basket
105269 Mamaku Lip Balm
108064 Mamaku Manuka 25%
109689 Mamaku Massage Oil - Sensual
110028 Mamaku Mega Moisturiser
105492 Mamaku Mineral Soak
105739 Mamaku Mist Spray
114345 Mamaku Natural Deodorant with Manuka and Clary Sage
108896 Mamaku Room Diffuser
110570 Mamaku Soap
113202 Mamaku Sugar Scrub
110414 Mamaku Tic Tack Toe game
105390 Mamaku Vapor Rub
105750 Mamaku Wheat Bags
106991 Mamaku Wine & Glasses Caddy


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