Felton is a household name having installed over 1.6 million shower heads alone since Kiwis swapped out the baths for showers en masse in the 70s. 


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06 May 2020
Survey gives heart to Kiwi business
The latest research is great news for Kiwi business, says Buy NZ Made.
25 Oct 2019
Record Number Seek NZ Made Status
A business applies every 48 hours. Radio New Zealand, Newshub and NewstalkZB's Early Morning Show this morning picked up on our announcement yesterday...
08 Oct 2019
Episode 25 Released Of The Provenance Marketing Show
The Provenance Marketing Show is the easiest way for businesses to get their products featured. Simply send them in and we'll do the rest.
17 Oct 2019
The Kiwi Branding Edge book launch
The Kiwi Branding Edge book explores how New Zealand businesses are creating an edge with the Kiwi trademark. This practical guide shows the...
09 Sep 2019
The NZ Made Imprint Tag
Less Is More. The NZ Made Imprint Tag.
16 Aug 2019
'Business Booming for Buy New Zealand Made'
'Business Booming for Buy New Zealand Made' - Duncan Garner AM Show Here's the TV3 media slot on the AM Show broadcast across New Zealand at 8:55am...
12 Aug 2019
Official NZ Made Day Announced - 21st November 2019
The Official New Zealand Made Day is confirmed as Thursday 21st November this year.
29 Jul 2019
Buy NZ Made strengthens online trademark
New Zealand’s iconic Buy New Zealand Made trademark is now available as a website widget, bringing an array of benefits to online retailers.
30 Jul 2019
Website Widget Adds Licence No. To Logo
We've changed the way the New Zealand Made logo is displayed on the websites of businesses who hold a New Zealand Made licence.
26 Apr 2019
Releasing a Kiwi Hologram label
We’ve released the Kiwi trademark in a hologram label for New Zealand Made products. The hologram label evolves the iconic Kiwi trademark by adding a...
13 Mar 2019
Four Verifiable New Zealand Made Fashion Designers
Provenance Marketing in fashion helps consumers choose. While not all New Zealand fashion designers and makers label their products as New Zealand...
06 Mar 2019
Performance Marketing
Every website needs a good Easter egg. In our website is Chapter Six - Performance Marketing from the book 100% Kiwi Business.
05 Mar 2019
Filming for the 2019 ‘Making It New Zealand’ Series has begun
Filming for the 2019 ‘Making It New Zealand’ Series has begun again with the first filming taking place in Christchurch in February. This month we’re...
26 Nov 2018
Kiwi Trademark Quick Start Guide for Marketers
The New Zealand Kiwi trademark is a label, a sticker, a logo and a brand. New Zealand Made says something about the product or service it is added...
15 Feb 2019
NZ Herald article: NZ Made rolls out 'New Zealand Grown' labels
"New Zealand Grown" labels which indicate produce and meats are grown locally will in the next few months be rolled out on product on supermarket...
18 Feb 2019
Could NZ Tourists Supercharge Export Growth?
Reaching an export market is closer to home than many New Zealand food and beverage producers might imagine. While businesses invest significant...
12 Feb 2019
Provenance Marketing (and why the word ‘made’ matters)
For the last three decades, the Kiwi trademark has been applied to products made here by New Zealand businesses. Iconic Kiwi brands are made over time...
21 Nov 2018
Cannabis buyers get option to 'buy New Zealand-made'
The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign has licensed the first medicinal cannabis manufacturer to use the New Zealand Grown logo. Auckland-based Helius...
19 Nov 2018
Iconic Buy NZ Made celebrates 30th birthday
The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign is turning 30 and celebrating with events around the country to showcase member companies and the iconic kiwi...
17 Sep 2018
Making It New Zealand from Invercargill
Invercargill is in the midst of a southern renaissance as large future investments promise a further runway of growth. The upgraded airport is the...

Making It New Zealand from Invercargill

17 Sep 2018

Making It New Zealand from Invercargill
Invercargill is in the midst of a southern renaissance as large future investments promise a further runway of growth. The upgraded airport is the first sign that expansion plans are underway and it wasn’t unexpected to see Mayor Tim Shadbolt there embarking on a domestic trip to fly the flag for the city he has made home.

Making It New Zealand Slat Frame Beds
Robax Products — Slat Frame Beds — EPISODE 1

My reason for visiting was to visit businesses making it New Zealand Made from their Invercargill base. First up was visiting Ian Rosel from Robax Products who shared what it took to make a slat frame bed. Ian has helped New Zealanders get a great night sleep for 40 years and sells his products to retailers like the Bunk House and Beds ‘R’ Us.

While most beds are made offshore from unknown timber sources, Ian could show that the timber came from Niagara Sawmilling who manufacture all of their finished timber products in New Zealand. Being able to trust how a timber product is treated is important, particularly when it comes to a product you sleep on.

Making It New Zealand Grown Fruit & Vegetables
Morrifield Tunnelhouses — EPISODE 2

Growing the best fruit and vegetables can be a neighbourly competition or it can be a business edge for commercial growers. Morrifield greenhouses supplies both residential and commercial having individually made over 10,000 greenhouses according to Gordon Morris, the original founder.

While the story of how Gordon got started making polythene greenhouses forty years ago grew out of love, what has shaped Morrifield’s success comes from its ability to outgrow its equivalent glasshouse. They’re enjoying riding the trend of grow-your-own fruit and vegetables supplying 2m to 4m tunnelhouses for back yards throughout New Zealand.

Making It New Zealand Carrots & Parsnips
Southern Cross Produce —EPISODE 3
Not all of us are patient enough to wait to harvest our crop, so we rely on the supermarkets for our weekly shop, who in turn rely on what Southern Cross Produce harvests. CEO Matthew Malcolm knows what a sweet carrot should taste like and why parsnips are the new potato in 2018 and has picked up on both trends through his consumer brand So Sweet. What was a revelation on the visit to his processing plant was just why Southland offers the optimum growing conditions if you like your vege’s sweet.

Making It New Zealand from Invercargill Summary
It is easy to forget any location that is an end points rather than a traverse. Much like New Zealand is on the edge of the world, far from the commercial hubs of London, New York and Asia, Invercargill is our domestic equivalent. Yet that distance also gives Invercargill its advantages as seen through the businesses making it New Zealand from their base in the deep south.

This is just the beginning with a $300 million investment about to transform the CBD and the Invercargill airport will likely see more visitors.



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