Luxury Orthopaedic Beds Limited

Goodbye to the old dinosaur traditional model of 'over-priced' beds in costly expensive shops.  We've said NO to:

A large confusing range of beds

Sales gimmicks

Flash shops with lots of stuff

Huge advertising costs

High overheads

You can relax, we've designed the one perfect bed for you with a choice of either firm, medium or soft.  The 'Orthopaedic Merino Bed' has been lovingly handcrafted in NZ to provide your body with excellent spinal support, and combined with comfort layers of the finest quality such as breathable merino wool, you can now sleep peacefully in first-class comfort.  It's time to stop dreaming of a great night's sleep.  Wake up feeling rejunvinated, energised, and ready for the day when you rise from your 'Orthopaedic Merino Bed'.


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