Lightstudio Ltd

At Lightstudio we represent a number of internationally recognised brands. We provide indoor and outdoor fittings which are available in a myriad of lamp options for commercialinstitutionalurban and residential applications.

Lightstudio is a leading supplier of lighting solutions to the specifier market. We work closely with architects, engineers and interior designers providing excellent advice and value.

Our goal is to make your project a success.


+64 4 5678830

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115054 Lightstudio 100 Square
115052 Lightstudio 40 Square
115053 Lightstudio 70 Square
115061 Lightstudio Argo
115064 Lightstudio Bell
115060 Lightstudio Bill
115063 Lightstudio Lampshades
115062 Lightstudio Lucy
115068 Lightstudio Muse
115069 Lightstudio Penna
115055 Lightstudio Powerline 30H
115056 Lightstudio Slice
115067 Lightstudio Slope
115058 Lightstudio Tab
115059 Lightstudio Tab Wide
115057 Lightstudio Ted
115065 Lightstudio Will
115066 Lightstudio Will Mini


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