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Licence Benefits

When you obtain a licence to use the iconic Kiwi trademark on your New Zealand Made products, not only do you reap the rewards from using a trusted country of origin brand, but we also provide you with the following:

  • Trademark

    • A certificate of licence in digital and print (if required) 
    • Download of the trademark artwork ready for print or digital use
    • Flexible options of trademark design including colours and outer shape or option to use the Kiwi on its own
    • Trademark stickers, swing-tags and promotional material available for purchase


  • Social Media

    Reach our followers with free posts on our social media pages

    • Send us your news, stories and promotions to share across our channels.
    • Send us the details of your active channels so we can follow you and share your posts.



  • Promotions

    A directory and product listing on the Buy NZ Made website

    • This is compulsory for all licensees
    • The easy product and company search provides accountability for your business and NZ Made products

    A free listing on the BuyNZ Marketplace

    • Includes a business listing to assist with your B2B relationships
    • Three product listings each with eight images allowing you to easily showcase your product ranges and services
    • Easy to insert call to action links to drive traffic back to your website
    • Easy to update

    Free inclusion in our monthly e-news to consumers for:

    • Any new product information
    • Newsworthy story
    • Promotion or specials


  • Networking and Partnerships


    • Once a year BNZM will hold an event suitable for networking between members.
    • These can be held anywhere around the country and can include conferences, information and/or training.

    Creating Partnerships

    • When requested, the BNZM will team help facilitate business to business partnerships where possible.


    • Based on licensee interest, we hire space at any given tradeshow and pass on any savings to those exhibiting in this space.
    • When licensed members exhibit in the same area, it helps to strengthen the New Zealand Made branding as well as provide networking opportunities and support with companies in a similar industry.


  • Services

    To assist you get the most out of your licence, BNZM offers the following services which complement our marketing resources:

    • Advice for understanding the requirements to label a product as New Zealand Made under the rules of the Fair Trading Act and trademark use.
    • Free set up and maintenance of all online profiles
    • A licensee e-newsletter as required with important BNZM updates
    • A timely promotional e-newsletter providing information about upcoming promotions,
    • e-news specials or any other advertising through BNZM
    • Phone support



    By Phone

    04 496 6284

    By Email


BNZM is always finding new ways to promote the brand and will advise licence holders of any new opportunities as they arise.


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