New Zealand Made Face Masks

New Zealand Made face masks are available for New Zealanders now that face masks are a requirement under Alert Level 2 when on public transport. 


Face masks will help reduce community transmission in New Zealand. Get a NZ Made face mask and some disposable Lanaco filters for each member of your family.


Retailers And Retail Customers Guidance

BusinessNZ recommends that all retailers take a pragmatic approach to supporting mask wearing. Where this can be supported, such as through providing masks to staff or customers, this is encouraged.  However, there is no need to require customers to wear masks.


Making Your Own Face Mask


Making your own mask out of fabric may seem like a good idea, however it won’t work as well unless you include a clean air filterLanaco make a filter that is easier to breath AND it seals around your face with the included nose bridge.






1. Buy An NZ Made Face Mask Online

Get a NZ Made Face Mask for each member of your family and add to your home emergency kit. New Zealand manufacturers are selling face masks via their online eCommerce stores. 


NZ Made Face Masks With Filter Packs Included



BONZ - $39.00 face mask incl 10 pack of replaceable filters


Earth Sea Sky -$59.90 face mask pack - 2 reusable masks + set of replaceable filters


Frikle Wear - from $29.95 includes 7 pack of replaceable filters


Hills Hats - $45.00 face mask includes 7 pack of replaceable filters


Masks For Tauranga - $35 includes 7 pack of replaceable filters


Smask - $69.00 for three face mask pack and 7 pack of replaceable filters



NZ Made Face Masks With Separate Filters


Aotearoad - from $28.99 includes filter


Cactus Outdoor - $45.00 face mask, includes filter


Eva & Elle - from $19.99 face mask with filter


Mountain Country - $25.00 face mask, filter sold separately


Munch Cupboard #thegoodfacemask - $24.99 face mask, includes filter


NZ Sock Co. $20.00 face mask, includes filter


Protectamask - $25.00 face mask, includes filter


Selke - $65.00 2x face masks


Snugbags - available now, includes filter media


Waiheke Cashmere - $22.50, filters sold separately


Wear New Zealand - from $35.00, includes filter


Untouched World - $69.00 face mask includes filter (no filter available for $19.95)


The Mask Studio - $25.00 face mask includes filter



NZ Made Face Masks Without Removable Filters


Arrow Uniforms - $16.00 face mask (no filter media)


Kapeka - $55.00 merino face masks (built in filter)


Parisian - $49.95 designer masks with Liberty fabric


Rozcraft - $15.00 face mask (no filter media)


True Fleece - $25.00 face mask (no filter media)


Sea Breeze Apparel - available now (no filter media)


Sustainability Trust - $25.00 face masks (filter media built in to mask)


NZ Made Disposable Face Masks


Silver Fern Foods - enquire here



 How To Choose A Face Mask


There are a number of considerations to think about when choosing a face mask. Choosing a comfortable fit will reduce the amount you touch your face so get one that will fit you. Choosing a face mask with a replaceable filter will increase your protection in higher risk settings. Choosing a Parisian fashion face mask can be made to match your tie and Hills Hats make masks that can match your cap, allowing your personality to shine through. 


Still not sure? Read the ShopKiwi face mask review article

2. The Latest From New Zealand Ministry Of Health


Here is the latest advice around face masks and COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health.

Minister Hipkins recommendation that every Kiwi home needs to have face masks

3. Why is the NZ Grown wool filter so important?


Lanaco develops and manufactures high performing, multi-functional filter media using natural wool as the key ingredient for a vast range of air filtration applications including face masks. Their filter media manufacturing is based in Auckland, New Zealand and they supply many of the NZ Made face mask makers listed above. 

4. How To Wear Your Face Mask Effectively


Read the full guide on how to wear a face mask from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. 


1.  Ensure your face mask is clean and dry and is not damaged.

2. Before putting on your face mask, clean your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser (containing at least 60 percent alcohol). Ensure your hands are dry.

3. Place the face mask over your nose and mouth and secure with ties or loops. Make sure the mask fits snugly, moulded to your face and around your nose. Make sure the mask fully covers your nose, mouth and chin. Your mask should be comfortable, with no gaps around the mask and your face, and allow you to breathe easily.

4. Clean your hands again (as above).

5. Got your face mask? Get the Covid Tracer App


6. Get A Retro NZ Made Trucker Cap

The New Zealand Made retro trucker cap says you support New Zealand and the talent that Kiwis are making here. One in 10 Kiwis work in manufacturing. The original 1988 design from when the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign first launched, now brought back to life.

7. New to New Zealand Quarantiners... listen to NZ business stories on the A Kiwi Original podcast.

Every week on the A Kiwi Original Podcast we share a uniquely Kiwi story that's contributing to New Zealand's future. This series began just before lockdown... continued through lockdown and now there's over 40 business stories to listen to about resilience, persistence, creativity and inspiration in business. 


The first two minutes of each episode includes an introduction to decide which story you'd like to listen to next. If you would prefer to watch, subscribe to the Official NZ Made YouTube Channel.






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