Make Your Own Kiwi Made Mask

Kiwis want to feel protected when they come out of lockdown into Level 2 and Level 1.


Making your own mask out of fabric may seem like a good idea, however it won’t work unless you include a clean air filter.


Lanaco make a filter that can work with your DIY home made mask, is easier to breath AND it seals around your face with the included nose bridge.


Download One Pager on Kiwi Made Masks with Lanaco Filters 



There are two ways of getting a face mask with Lanaco filter:


1. Purchase from a Regional NZ Made Manufacturer


Regional hubs are now setup around New Zealand. 



Cactus Outdoor - $45 facemask incl filter


Earth Sea Sky -$59.90 facemask pack - 2 reusable masks + set of filters


NZ Sock Co. - 2 facemasks for $25.00




Hills Hats - $45 facemask incl filter.


Munch $24.99 facemask incl filter.


Protectamask $25 facemask incl filter.




 Masks for Tauranga




Wear New Zealand - from $35 available now inc filter.


Sea Breeze Apparel - available now (no filter media in these masks)


Untouched World $19.99


Eva & Elle $19.99


Little Yellow Bird $35.00



2. Make Your Own Kiwi Made Mask

1. Purchase a Lanaco filter kit from a NZ Made manufacturer above.


2. Download the pattern to make your mask.


3. Get fabric to make your mask so that the filter slots into it. Make sure the fabric easy to breath through. Pro Tip: The red New World bags are highly breathable and ideal.



3. The Latest Science From Ministry Of Health


Here is a review of the science and policy around face masks and COVID-19. Read Evidence Review.

The science
The science outside the Covid-19 context
Benefits and advantages 
Risks and pitfalls
Singapore face mask policy
Country / State policies








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