INTAKS is the exclusive supplier of the proprietary INTAKSĀ® Scaffold and Edge Protection System. The INTAKS System helps firms dramatically improve building productivity.

Our scaffolding and edge protection solutions are fit for purpose, versatile, quick and easy to install, and have a minimal footprint on site. Trades can work efficiently with fewer obstacles around them. This reduces costs and delays while keeping end users safe.

Proudly designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in New Zealand.

Service, Safety & Efficiency, with INTAKS.

0800 INTAKS (468 257)



+64 07 5776469

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118165 INTAKS Apex Post
118179 INTAKS Beam Bracket
118176 INTAKS Boot Bracket
118174 INTAKS Butt Bracket
118109 INTAKS Extender
118180 INTAKS Handrail Joiner (Scaffolding / Edge Protection)
118164 INTAKS Handrail Post (Scaffolding / Edge Protection)
118172 INTAKS Handrail Post Bracket
118108 INTAKS Handrail Tube (Scaffolding / Edge Protection)
118177 INTAKS H-Frame Bracket
118107 INTAKS Interlocking Scaffolding Planks
118166 INTAKS Lock Pin
118170 INTAKS Mesh Screen
118178 INTAKS Parapet Bracket
118167 INTAKS Plank End Cap
118171 INTAKS Platform Arm Bracket
118169 INTAKS R-Clip
118181 INTAKS Roof Foot
118183 INTAKS Soleboard
118110 INTAKS Standard
118168 INTAKS Standard Arm
118163 INTAKS Stud Bracket
118182 INTAKS Threaded Rod
118111 INTAKS Toeboards & Toeboard Clips
118112 INTAKS Transom
118175 INTAKS Trestle/Handrail Bracket
118173 INTAKS Wall Foot


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