Buy NZ Hero Award Nominations

The Buy NZ Made Hero Awards are all about celebrating Buy NZ Made licensees who not only do a great job promoting their New Zealand Made status using the iconic Kiwi trademark, but who also excel in other commercial areas.

The winning monthly Hero will receive a certificate, promotion on the Buy NZ Made website, Hero artwork which they can use in their own marketing, a social media advertising voucher worth $100 to be used on the Buy NZ Made social media channels and automatic entry into the annual competition where the year's winners will be voted on by the public for the Ultimate Hero Award.

If they win that, they will receive a trophy and certificate, artwork displaying their ultimate hero status and an advertorial in a magazine of their choice (from a selection of approved magazines) that includes information about their award, Buy NZ Made and other content of their choice.

Read about our 2017 Heroes here.

We will be profiling six NZ Made Heroes in 2018. Please send your nomination form through to Anna.


Applicants are required to fill out information for section one plus at least three other sections.

The more information provided across all categories the more compelling the case will be for the nomination. Nominees are welcome to attach any documentation they feel will help provide better information. 

Using the trademark (required section):

  • How does the company use the trademark to promote their NZ Made products?
  • How does the company promote their licence with the Buy NZ Made Campaign?
  • Does the company get involved with Buy NZ Made licensee promotions?

Sales success

  • Has the company achieved a noticeable increase in sales over the past 12 months?
  • Has the company achieved a significant amount of market share over the past 12 months?
  • Has the company won a key contract over the past 12 months that will contribute to a growth factor for the company?
  • Has the company entered a new market with success over the past 12 months?

Employee success

  • Has the company grown to encompass the employment of more kiwis and how many more have they employed over the past 12 months?
  • Do the employees of the company enjoy working for the company?
  • Are employees treated fairly and well, what benefits does the company provide for them?
  • What is the company turnover rate for staff like?
Community success
  • Does the company work with the local community either with a local programme, sponsorship or other factor?
  • Does the company have a policy in place to use local suppliers?
  • Does the company have a policy in place to use NZ Made products and services where possible?
  • Does the company product enable communities, if so how?

Environment and Sustainability 

  • What efforts have the company made to ensure their products are environmentally friendly?
  • What environmental awards or credentials has the company achieved?
  • What efforts has the company made to ensure their business and/or products are sustainable?
  • What sustainability awards or credentials has the company achieved?

Efficiencies and innovation

  • Has the company introduced new technology or business systems that have provided a positive effect on the running of their business over the past 12 months or the dealings with their customers?
  • Is the company innovative in its business practices?
  • Has the company produced an innovative product over the past 12 months?

Customer satisfaction

  • How well does the company’s product perform in the area it is designed for?
  • What services are available to your customers?
  • What are the company’s processes for when something goes wrong with the product?
  • How does your product represent value for money?


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