Harraway & Sons Limited

Harraways is a New Zealand Company and is still privately owned. It is operating from its original site in Green Island, Dunedin and has been doing so for over 150 years. In 1867, a steam powered flour and oat mill was erected on the present site and this was the beginning of the Company as it is today - Harraway and Sons Ltd. Our milling process today continues to center around finest quality oats!

Harraway Oats is New Zealand's only remaining commercial oat mill and over 4 from every 10 Kiwis searching for a bag of oats pick up Harraways. The kiwi brand trusted for over 150 years!.




+64 03 488 3073

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115566 Harraways Oat-activ® Cranberry
115563 Harraways Easy Cook Oats 280g
112012 Harraways Fruit Harvest 1kg
115568 Harraways Organic Rolled Oats 800g
115569 Harraways Organic Wholegrain Oats 800g
115565 Harraways Oat-activ® Original
115567 Harraways Quick Serve Single Sachet Oats Range (x6 skus)
115564 Harraways Raspberry & Toasted Coconut 800g
111723 Harraways Rolled Oats (x2 skus)
114079 GottaEat Rolled Oats 1kg
106662 Harraways Scotch Oats 850g
111727 Harraways Steel Cook Original 500g
104730 Harraways Traditional Wholegrain Oats 1kg
114078 GottaEat Wholegrain Oats 800g


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