Green Group Collective NZ 2020 Limited

Green Group Collective is all about making it simple for caregivers to give their babies the best start.

Our Pumpd manual breast pumps are made from super soft, durable medical grade silicone. No tubes or moving parts make Pumpd easy to sterilise and use on the go.

Our water-based sanitisers use a unique, natural ingredient, independently proven to kill 100+ microbes, while being less toxic than vitamin C, and free from nasty chemicals.

And it’s all designed and made locally. So you can trust we’re meeting New Zealand’s strict safety and production standards. While leaving a lighter footprint and keeping jobs right here – in the country we call home.


+64 0800 5383696

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120319 New Edition NZ 100% Wool fill Toddler Pillow
120322 New Edition NZ Baby Hand Sanitiser 50ml
120325 New Edition NZ Everything Spray
120318 New Edition NZ Flax Seed Linen Heat Pack
120321 New Edition NZ Hand made rattle
120323 New Edition NZ Hand Sanitiser 150ml
120324 New Edition NZ Hand Sanitiser Travel size 50ml
120317 New Edition NZ NZ Wool and Linen Play Mat
120316 New Edition NZ Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Pillow
120315 New Edition NZ Pumpd Silicone Breast Pump
120320 New Edition NZ Toddler Pillow Case


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