Green Goddess

The Wendyl’s range of products are all handmade in Greenhithe Auckland using only nature’s best. The products contain no fillers, chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances. Premium quality base ingredients like baking soda, soda ash, borax, vinegar and oxygen bleach are used, scented only with pure essential oils.

The Green Goddess range of products all have nature’s wonderful hemp seed oil as a base ingredient. Purchase our ready-made products, or make them yourself using the recipes in our ‘Wendyl’s Recipes for a Greener Life’ book.



+64 9 3908182

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116698 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Laundry Powder
116700 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Natural-San Soaker
116699 Wendyl's Green Goddess Limited Premium Soda Ash


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