Good Chow NZ Limited

Good Chow NZ manufactures our own range of premium condiments and beef jerky using local and imported ingredients.

We make safe food for health conscious foodies.  Preservative-free, no artificial additives, we apply our unique blend of natural and exotic spices to create delicious snacks and condiments that truely deserve to be known as Good Chow.



+64 6 8438935

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119766 Good Chow All Natural 100% Gold Kiwifruit Juice
119765 Good Chow All Natural 100% Green Kiwifruit Juice
119763 Good Chow NZ Aromatic Chili Oil
119767 Good Chow All Natural Beetroot Blended Juice
114341 Good Chow NZ Blackfoot Paua XO Sauce
119770 Good Chow All Natural Blueberry & Blackcurrant Blended Juice
119773 Good Chow NZ Chinese Style Fermented Ham
119771 Good Chow NZ Cold Air-Dried Cantonese Pork Sausage
119774 Good Chow NZ Cold Air-Dried NZ Sea Cucumber
119772 Good Chow NZ Cold Air-Dried Pork Belly
112906 Good Chow NZ Dried New Zealand Blackfoot Paua
119769 Good Chow All Natural Feijoa Blended Juice
119762 Good Chow NZ First Brew Soy Syrup
114343 Good Chow NZ Fluffy Fried Cod Flakes
108838 Good Chow NZ New Zealand Ling Fish Maws
119761 Good Chow NZ NZ Fish Roe Sauce Five Spice Flavour
119764 Good Chow NZ NZ Grass-fed Wagyu Beef Sauce
119768 Good Chow All Natural Peach Blended Juice
114342 Good Chow NZ Premium Beef Jerky
114344 Good Chow NZ Sambal Fish Roe Sauce


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