Fuelchief Ltd

Sebco (Now owned and operated by Fuelchief Ltd), is the NZ leader in the manufacture and distribution of polyethylene above ground bunded storage and dispensing stations for diesel fuel, Blue (DEF) additives and chemical for farm and industry. Smart, Safe & Secure.

Smart:  Clever design you can see and innovative features you can feel makes Sebco a natural choice when ease of use and workplace safety are key. 

Safe: Sebco stations are NZs only WorkSafe  approved polyethylene on ground fuel storage system in NZ. Made tougher in NZ for NZ conditions. Guaranteed.

Secure: Peace of mind knowing you are covered by a comprehensive NZ backed warranty that includes a 25 year design life guarantee.  


+64 3 3842380

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115554 Sebco Sebco 1000 WOR Industrial Waste Oil Recovery
115556 Sebco Sebco 1250C Chemical Station (1250ltr)
115549 Sebco Sebco 1300B Blue Station (1300ltr)
115546 Sebco Sebco 1300D Diesel Station (1300ltr)
115555 Sebco Sebco 2000 WOR Commercial Waste Oil Recovery
115550 Sebco Sebco 2300B Blue Station (2300ltr)
115547 Sebco Sebco 2300D Diesel Station (2300ltr)
115551 Sebco Sebco 4800B Blue Station (4750ltr)
115548 Sebco Sebco 4800D Diesel Station (4750ltr)
115545 Sebco Sebco 500TT Transportable Diesel Tank (475ltr)
115553 Sebco Sebco 9500B Blue Station (9500ltr)
115552 Sebco Sebco 9500D Diesel Station (9500ltr)


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