Harraway Oats are building on their successful range of oats with a new snack range for entertaining guests and a new range of health products that help keep cholesterol in check.


Five Star Products Ltd




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
107567 Acrylic Colour Acrylic Paint
110289 NZACRYL Acrylic Paint
109380 Apex Acrylic Paint
106849 Chalkboard Paint Chalkboard Paint
108819 Creative Paint Coloured PVA Glue
112584 Liquid Dye Concentrated Painting Dye
111090 Indian Ink Drawing Ink
109760 School Art Fabric Paint
107569 Face & Body Paint Face & Body Paint
110915 School Art Face Paint
108211 Finger Paint Finger Paint
105375 Apex Gesso Primer
111064 Acrylic Colour Gesso Primer
112834 Apex Gloss Medium
108642 Acrylic Colour Gloss Medium
108012 Apex Impasto Gel
106777 Marbling Ink Marbling Ink
108177 Flint Ink Mecca Drawing Ink
106078 Acrylic Colour Modelling Compound
111222 Apex Modelling Compound
109171 Flint Ink Oil Based Printing Ink
107936 School Art Poster Paint
111074 Water Soluble Dye Powder Painting Dye
111891 Classroom Grade PVA PVA Glue
107159 School Grade PVA PVA Glue
108852 General Purpose PVA PVA Glue
108913 High Grade PVA PVA Glue
111831 Ezidye Ready to Use Painting Dye
112285 Star Tempera Tempera Poster Paint
108583 School Art Tempera Powder Paint
106724 Startex Textile Ink
104769 Artists Printing Ink Water Based Printing Ink
106889 Flint Ink Water Based Printing Ink


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