Farmgate Direct Limited

If you use electric fences on your farm, then you will benefit by using our Wires and Tapes. Our products will hold all livestock in any paddock, field or strip-grazing situation regardless of conditions or terrain. The product range available will cover any demand. Our high conductivity / low resistance products are capable of conducting long distances and our highly visible tapes will secure valuable livestock in any situation. When you buy from us you are buying directly from the manufacturer, here at Farmgate Direct we extrude our own polyethylene ensuring the UV resistance and quality is at the highest standard


+64 9 2745309

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
114893 Farmgate Direct Braided Mega wire (Megabraid)
114895 Farmgate Direct Powerwrapper Wire
114894 Farmgate Direct Woven Powertape


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