Farm Field New Zealand Limited

At Farm Field™ we focus on ensuring our products deliver what they promise.

Our company combines the purity of produce grown in the clean and pure climate of verdant New Zealand farms with insight and nutritional expertise sourced from world-leading expertise of local nutritionists in research and
product development.

Recognised laboratories are engaged to evaluate what we produce and certify the food safety and quality of our full Farm Field™ range.

Our purpose is to provide easy and good to eat foods and snacks for both children and adults that helps them get the right nutrition for a full and healthy life.

We source pure quality ingredients from New Zealand’s best farms and with nutritionist guidance create compelling foods that families love.


+64 27 2266579

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115713 Farm Field™ Cookies & Cream milk bites 56g
114668 Farm Field™ Full cream milk powder 900g can
115710 Farm Field™ Skim milk powder 900g can
115711 Farm Field™ Strawberry milk bite 56g
115712 Farm Field™ Vanilla milk bite 56g


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