Elocal Limited

Elocal is a proudly independent, NZ-owned and operated publishing company, dedicated to high-quality local content – celebrating the people and businesses that make our communities great, while tackling the social and political issues that affect our communities.

As part of this mission, we provide a multi-media marketing platform, offering New Zealand businesses a variety of solutions in print (monthly gloss A4 magazine), on the web (www.elocal.co.nz), and through our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).

This multi-media platform adds strength and uniformity to every businessʼs marketing strategy, by harnessing the proven efficiency of traditional print advertising with the power of digital marketing, accessible online 24/7 by potential customers.

elocal is also accredited by the Marketing Association of New Zealand as a Community Publication, so our print magazine may be freely delivered to ‘no circulars’ mail boxes.


+64 09 2391699

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117019 minibook DNA to Rock The Nation
117016 elocal limited elocal limited
117017 minibook Top Secret: U-Boat 196
117018 minibook Where No Man Has Gone Before


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