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Rethink your cleaning essentials shopping list. Every choice we make matters!

Shopping for essentials items made affordably easy, that's happy!

EKOH is "every kind of happy."

Finding you are juggling priorities & demands on your time. Wanting to make healthy choices for yourself, your family, and the environment. BUT when it comes to essentials for the home, it is last minute buying decisions that are costly & confusing? You are not alone - so were we! 

Who is EKOH

I am Dawn and the founder of EKOH said ECHO. I live and work on beautiful Waiheke Island with my husband Richard,two teenage kids and the family dog April (often our model). 

We are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and looking after our environment. 

I'm a firm believer that every choice we make counts.This includes what we choose to eat, shops and brands we decide to buy from, how we dispose of our waste, the body products we apply, and cleaning stuff, we choose to use in our homes. We don't think the world does not need more 'stuff'; we need better solutions and options to our existing problems. We need to change some of our habits!


So we set out to create a considered solution to what we see as some significant issues around buying cleaning essentials that can impact our health and the environment. 

In every step, we have considered how we balance quality, sustainability, function and design. We are keen to use and support our local New Zealand and regional manufacturing connections, made over many years. 

We have also committed to supporting TreesThatCount from the sales we make when you buy EKOH products.


Why you need to try EKOH products:

  1. Our products are non-toxic, 100% natural and are cruelty-free accredited with PETA and use plant derived ingredients. 
  2. We provide an alternative online service to automate your essential shopping for natural cleaning essentials. 
  3. Natural cleaning products made with local manufacturers and designers supporting a sustainable regional ecosystem.
  4. We are hear to help you create new habits that positively change how you shop for cleaning essentials, what you buy, and how to use and reuse them. 
  5. Products and services grounded in ethics, offering options that save time, money and do good.
  6. Proudly supporting Friends of the Koala in Australia and Trees That Count, planting native trees in New Zealand.




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