Divinas Empanadas

Divinas empanadas are a practical and flavourful self-contained meal you can carry anywhere, a ready-to-bake solution for your everyday life.

And what’s an empanada? Well, it’s a piece of dough, folded in half, encasing a filling. In this case, a delicious one! Each flavour has its own personality so you beat an ordinary day with every bite.

At Divinas we pursue excellent quality, great flavour: we like food to be honest. So, we make our empanadas the old-fashioned way, each by hand from scratch, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and with no added nasty stuff. We freeze them right after made, so you can stock them in your freezer or bake them in minutes and always enjoy the taste of freshly made.

These beauties are easy-to-buy online through our website, and we deliver them frozen to your door. They will help you through your busy routines, kids’ lunches, outdoors weekends; celebrations, morning & afternoon teas, Friday’s drinks, you name it!

Flavourful, practical and ready in minutes. That’s Divinas! Awesome, ready-to-bake empanadas.




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