Consumer E-News

Each month we send out Your Monthly New Zealand Made Fix to a list of over 6,000 consumers. We encourage licensee participation as this is free. This e-news currently has an open rate of 20.8% and a click rate of 2.5%.

The current demographics in our list are as follows:

18-24 - 3% 25.4% Female 581 (9.5%) Facebook
25-34 - 20% 14.3% Male 836 (13.7%) Twitter
35-54 - 60% 60.3% Unknown 822 (13.4%) LinkedIn
55+ - 17%    

The consumer e-news is all about our licensees and the latest on the New Zealand Made front. Whilst we include your content at no charge, there are some rules around this though as we really want the whole email to be informative and exciting for readers, rather than just pure advertising. We love to feature specials, competitions, activities, events, news, interesting articles, and introduce our new licensees. Past issues can be found here.


  • A square or landscape image, at least 600 pixels wide. If you are not sure, you can send your image to us and we can sort it out for you.
  • The text you wish to accompany the image. If you provide some details, we can help write something for you. If your text is too long, we can include a summary and simply link to your website for further reading.
  • A link, if applicable.

If you would like us to help you put something together, just let us know we are happy to help at no charge.

Please do not send an advertising image full of text or your story in an image.


We will send you a sample of the complete e-news 24 hours prior to going out. It is up to you to check your images, text and links on the test email. Once the final e-news has been sent, we cannot update anything for you.

2018 DATES

The e-news goes out towards the end of the last week of every month, or when it is most applicable for that particular promotion. Dates reminders will feature in our promotional emails.

Month Deadline Live Date
February Friday 23 February Wednesday 28 February
March Tuesday 20 March Friday 23 March (in time for Easter)
April Tuesday 24 April Friday 27 April

Please feel free to send content through to us at any time, and we can inform you on when the next e-news is set it go out.

While all care is taken to guarantee the dates as shown for each month, there may be times where the dates will change to better reflect an event or occasion for that period.

We welcome all suggestions.


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