Clevaco Limited

Clevaco® designs and produces the CLEVA POD® system. "Protecting the environment and supporting sustainable construction".
The Cleva Pod® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from recycled and waste plastic. It is an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to polystyrene raft waffle POD or slab on grade concrete foundations.
Clevaco®'s GREENSLAB™ is a completely recyclable foundation slab, significantly reducing construction waste to landfill.


+64 21 669528

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120159 CLEVA POD® APACHE A pre-formed plastic sleeve for plumbing penetrations used as a barrier slip joint and cap
120158 CLEVA POD® CLEVA POD® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundation made from 100% recycled plastic
120163 EZIYAKA Pre-cast concrete pad footing system. Building can begin straight after piles are in position
120160 CLEVA POD® STUNNA™ R6 galvanised pod floor spacer/stirrup designed to optimise performance of a concrete raft floor


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