EPI Plastics creates food grade and dangerous goods certified plastic containers for New Zealand businesses whilst also reducing their overall impact on the environment.


Check Eligibility

Number 1

Is Your Business Eligible?

  • Manufacturers applying must be based in New Zealand
  • Service businesses must be delivering the service in New Zealand
  • Retail stores applying must sell New Zealand Made licensed products
  • Companies who outsource production must use a New Zealand based manufacturer
  • Each product to be labelled with the Kiwi trademark must qualify under the Fair Trading Act for Country of Origin labelling (see our guides below)

  • Number 2

    Is Your Product Eligible?

    Follow The Eligibility Guides

    Check if your products qualify for the Kiwi trademark.

    Products made in New Zealand where key materials or components have been through a significant manufacturing process in another country and form the essential character of your product are unlikely to qualify.

    Products imported with key ingredients or components by volume or importance that form the essential character of the final item are also unlikely to qualify.



    Number 3

    What Is Your Licence Category?

    Most businesses fit into one of our Business Class categories, unless they're a retailer, charity or school group.



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